Body Temperature

Jonathan Paul Carson jpc4e at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU
Thu Jan 12 19:11:44 EST 1995

Has anyone heard of a correlation between the maintenance of a
lower average body temperature and longevity?

I have also heard that an age of 120 is the putative upper
limit of a human lifespan.  How was this number derived?

Also...In the latest Scientific American there is a nice little
article that has summarized some studies on the health of the 
oldest old--those who have survived to age 90 and beyond.  The
author claims that this is a particularly hardy population that
has managed to avoid the "typical" routes to mortality suffered
by those a few years younger (eg. heart disease, cancer, AD,
etc.).  So essentially, the average 95 year old may be mentally
sharper and physically healthier than the average 75 year old.

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