Telomerase kills!

Dr Jim Cummins cummins at POSSUM.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
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tbarani at mace.cc.purdue.edu (Barani) wrote:-
> This is just to kick up a controversy:-
> Telomerase stabilizes Cancer cells. Cancer works against normal cells.
> Therefore the body is trying to get rid of telomerase and is deleting
> the ends of chromosomes as a natural defence. Rather than claiming that
> telomerase stabilizes the sperm cells, could it be that the sperm cells
> unable to delete the ends of chromosomes? The telomerase thus produced
> in sperm cells are transported to other cells in the human system and
> cancer cells tend to get stabilized. This is easily verified by looking
> up in infants if telomerase gene is active.
>   o/~ o/~ o/~ ole ole !  Spermatology Kills!   ole ole! o/~ o/` o/~

Nice one ! :-)  Problem is, I guess that the mature sperm cell probably
does not contain telomerase, as this was used during spermatogenesis about
2-4 weeks before ejaculation.  In addition the copy number (if present)
would be far too low to affect all cells inthe system.  Still, there are
those reports of cervical cancer and its relationship with frequency of
intercourse ........

No, Barani, I suggest you are really marching to the "feminazi" tune in
attempting to demonise the innocent little genetic tadpoles ;-)

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