Chris Hoss hoss at hpsccs.oc.com
Wed Jan 11 13:15:46 EST 1995

Has there been research in this area?  This may be very helpful with the
Alzheimer's disease.  I know someone who has been on Lithium for over
15 years, and his memory is much better than mine.  He can go back over
30 years and tell me very detailed information.

And it makes sense, too, as LITHIUM is a salt that helps neutrons in the
brain 'fire' electrically.  Little is known and it is used for treatment
of the 'bipolar' or 'maniac depressive' disorder.

But helping the neutrons in the brain fire better may help overcome the
blocking effect of the chemical that 'creates the forgetfulness' of 
alzheimer's disease.

Maybe someone should investigate if there is any potential benefits.
I know that there is work on isolating the chemical cause of Alzheimer's
and then working on a cure.

Just my two cents worth.

Christopher Michael Hoss
OpenConnect Systems, Inc

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