Attention Canadian Researchers

Ian Clarke intermed at inforamp.net
Thu Jan 5 12:53:16 EST 1995

Inter Medico is the Canadian distributor for many of the world's leading 
molecular biology companies. Inter Medico represents Genzyme(cytokines, 
chemokines, cell adhesion molecules), Novagen (pET bacterial expression 
systems, mRNA purification systems), Amresco (fine chemicals, thermostable DNA 
polymerases, nucleic acid isolation kits), SLT (ELISA readers, fluorometers, 
microplate washers), BioDesign (a huge selection of biologically important 
antibodies), and The Binding Site ( clinically-relevant antibody-based 
diagnostic systems).

As part of Inter Medico's continuing dedication to the Canadian research 
community, we have established a user-group to share the latest information 
about molecular biology products designed to save you time and money. There 
are valuable discounts available only to subscribers.

There is no charge to join. If you are interested in joining, please send an 
e-mail message to Majordomo at inforamp.net. In the body of the letter, type 
Subscribe Research <your e-mail address>.

Join today, and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

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