Necrosis versus Apoptosis

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>Gold wrote:
>>Hey, has anyone out there read "Ideas in Pathology, Programmed Cell Death:
>>Necrosis versus Apoptosis" in Modern Pathology, Volume 7, pages 605-609
>>The gist of the article is that the term "apoptosis" adds to the confusion
>>of the
>>study of cell death, rather than clarifying it.  And that the distinction
>>between necrosis and apoptosis lacks clarity and is "confusing and ...
>>Comments, netters...
>So how do they propose to define programmed cell death?
programmed cell death refers to the identification of a sequence
of events, now presumed to be gene activity, that leads a cell
to become irreversibly committed to death.  See articles on
original use of term (Lockshin and Williams, 1964-1965, J.
Insect Physiology) or review by Saunders, Science, 1966, or
any of several recent reviews (Lockshin, Zakeri & Lockshin,
etc) in Ann Rev NY Acad Sci, FASEB J, Cold Spring Harbor Symp,
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