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colford at adam.incstar.com colford at adam.incstar.com
Wed Jan 4 13:09:06 EST 1995

> The implications of creating a super-race has dark-overtones if used for
> martial gain. But if gene-gineering were handled with the goal of 
> improving our lives, an immortal, resiliant race wouldn't be so bad. 
> It has always been the goal of humanity to control pain and death. Don't
> you want to live forever? 
> Nature's reason for the cycles of life and death are simple. ...to create
> a better tomatoE. But if humanity can learn to control the evolution of 
> the human body through genetics, why would death be neccessary anymore?
> I would like to hear your opinion.

We would have to tie new births strictly with accidental deaths
to balance the population, assuming zero population growth is a
good idea.  when this immortality technology became available, I
would suggest that the population of the earth would be such that
zero population growth would not be a goal, but rather population
reduction will be.

Everything in life is a balancing act, and intelligent beings
have the unfortunate ability to convince themselves they can hop
in without capsizing the boat.  Apart from any ethical
consideration, in the imaginable future we will not be good
enough to have a handle on the human body to change a fully grown
adult into an immortal.

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