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Vincenzo Nardi-Dei vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Wed Jan 4 06:11:38 EST 1995

>The implications of creating a super-race has dark-overtones if used for
>martial gain. But if gene-gineering were handled with the goal of
>improving our lives, an immortal, resiliant race wouldn't be so bad.
>It has always been the goal of humanity to control pain and death. Don't
>you want to live forever?
>Nature's reason for the cycles of life and death are simple. ...to create
>a better tomatoE. But if humanity can learn to control the evolution of
>the human body through genetics, why would death be neccessary anymore?
>I would like to hear your opinion.

To be immortal is not so attractive to me. Death close a cycle,
and the nothing we will face after death is not a displeasure.
But if you find a way to remain young and active untill death,
I would be the first to subscribe...  :-) :-)

Also I don't believe that telomeres shortening and telomerase are
the only responsabile for death, that has mechanisms much more
complex, the prouve is that there is no reported mutants immortal
between higher animals.

It is meanwhile possible, that restoring telomerases efficiency
would postpone for a while our death and keep us younger until then,
if not other (that is very likely too) side effects appear.

Anyway, an Happy New Year, and not to remind you that an other year
of our life has passed...   :-)


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