Robert Luly luly at netcom.com
Wed Jan 4 17:07:49 EST 1995

There are a lot of people on earth, true but those who are crowded choose 
to be so. There is plenty of land left for people (and other animals too) 
without over crowding. I travel and I have seen this for myself. The only 
ones who want to stop all new births have allready been born, that's not 
very fair. It has been calculated that even if we eliminate all natural 
causes of death, we would live to an average age of 800 years before 
something gets you. I would not argue for unlimited births, but there 
would always be someone dieing to make room for more. From an 
evolutionary standpoint I think I can meke a good case for a longer life 
span due to the complexity of the world as we have made it. If good 
health could be maintained then you could remain a tax payer instead of a 
tax user.This is one way we could eliminate the national debt and with 
social security and medicade the 2 biggest liabilities for this country 
this may be the easiest solution. Think about it :)

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