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Xavier DRAYE draye at gena.ucl.ac.be
Wed Jan 4 03:44:46 EST 1995

>The implications of creating a super-race has dark-overtones if used for
>martial gain. But if gene-gineering were handled with the goal of 
>improving our lives, an immortal, resiliant race wouldn't be so bad. 
>It has always been the goal of humanity to control pain and death. Don't
>you want to live forever? 
>Nature's reason for the cycles of life and death are simple. ...to create
>a better tomatoE. But if humanity can learn to control the evolution of 
>the human body through genetics, why would death be neccessary anymore?
>I would like to hear your opinion.

The first idea which comes to my mind is probably not so attractive...

We are more than 6 10E9 peoples on the Earth, and it seems we could be
faced soon with managing problems. Anyway, when you promise immortality,
you should also promise a severe restriction *abolition?* of reproduction.
This implies 1) that we be able to proceed to such a control, 2) that
contraception becomes 100% efficient 3)...

draye at gena.ucl.ac.be    

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