Apoptosis Revisited

Bert Gold gold at astro.ocis.temple.edu
Mon Jan 2 11:40:52 EST 1995

I am posting Richard Lockshin's response to my post because it is
both informative and timely.  Lockshin (rick at sjubiol.stjohns.edu)

> Several attempts have been made to clarify the point.  See for instance,
article by Zakeri and Lockshin, Ann. NY. Acad. Sci., : The Biological Clock...
(1994) or Cope/Tomei book "Apoptosis" (Cold Spring Harbor).
"programmed cell death" implies documentation of requirement for protein
synthesis.  "apoptosis" describes a morphology and potentially a mechanism
of one of the most common types of controlled cell death. necrosis differs
in that it is inherently uncontrolled and ends in osmotic lysis.  Check out
other major reviews on the subject, such as Ellis/Horvitz Ann Revs Cell Biol,


Thank you for your response, Richard.

Bert Gold

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