Hayflick number and Telemorase

Raymond Yeh tjyeh at soda.CSUA.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 16 09:45:46 EST 1994

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(LifeExtSer) wrote:

> Anybody have any info on this enzyme?  It is supposed to add telomeres
> back onto the end of DNA, and thereby reset the Hayflick counter.  It was
> on this group, or perhaps sci.life-extension awhile back, but I haven't
> seen any study results from testing on live animals.  Seems like this
> would be a great way to see just how important the Hayflick number is.

As far as I know, in cancer cells, there is no telomeric shortening due to
the increased activity of telomerase.  I remember it was mentioned in this
newsgroup a while back that telomerases are hard to purify because they
are in such low quantities in the cell.

Raymond Yeh

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