apoptosis/cell death

Richard Lockshin rick at sjubiol.stjohns.edu
Thu Mar 24 02:06:16 EST 1994

In response to my query, I got lots of comments on defining a 
happy home for apoptosis, and questions about locating them.
In brief:  there is currently some apoptosis discussion appearing
in aging (ageing at net.bio.net, don't forget the 'e' or British
spelling of the word), and its logical home but currently with
little discussion is in cell biology (cellbiol at net.bio.net).
Either can be subscribed to on email, and various news readers
carry whatever is subscribed on the university's service.  For
the moment I'm following both, and I'll try to keep a crosstalk
until it self-selects for a happy home.
--richard lockshin

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