basic aging info for students

Richard Lockshin rick at sjubiol.stjohns.edu
Thu Mar 24 02:06:09 EST 1994

[I put this reply in public info because several students and others
may be interested.  It was in response to a very sweeping question.]
One could go on for weeks about these questions.  I assume from
your .edu address that you are at a US university.  You really 
should go to the library and get some basic books on the subject,
for instance, Finch.  Otherwise, ask the librarian how to do 
targeted literature searches.  I get the impression that you are
using the internet for individual tutorials--not an effective use
of academic time.  If you have trouble getting started with the
literature and you are a student, contact the Gerontological
Society of America, 202: 842-1275, 1275 K St NW, Suite 350, 
Washington DC 20005-4006.  They have an effective mentorship 
program for students who are isolated from gerontological 
programs.  Otherwise, consider going to the GSA meeting in 
Atlanta the week before Thanksgiving, or the AGE meeting (not 
yet fixed).
--richard lockshin

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