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Re: Some Markers of Aging
1) Inspiratory capacity ( measures lung and chest compliance )
2) Age need bifocals ( measures lens aging )
3) Age of appearance of pattern hair loss.  In males, the incidence
   of pattern loss roughly corresponds to age-- e.g. at age
   35 about 35% of males shown pattern loss.   Possibly because
   of increased mortality of severely balding males, this correlation
   does not hold after age 70  ( Ref: Klingman, Clinics in
   Dermatology, Oct-Dec. 1988 )
4) Other skin markers include appearance of facial lines. However,
   this is confounded by Light exposure and facial expression habits.
   Rough time of appearance of lines:
   Forehead and glabellar lines: early '30's
   Lower quadrant " crows feet ": mid '30's
   Upper quadrant " crows feet "  Late '30's, early '40's
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