Sexual Sin and Christian

Mandy Caird PhD mandy at DRUID.HSC.COLORADO.EDU
Fri Mar 18 16:23:15 EST 1994

On Fri, 18 Mar 1994, Christian Sin wrote:

> The Christian Bible never work because it is not from God.
> In article <acarpent.762205258 at osprey>, acarpent at osprey.ess.harris.com
> (Alan Carpenter) 
> wrote (according to the christian Bible):
> > 1.  Homosexuality is considered to be a sin in the Bible.  It is given
> > as being no better or worse than other sexual sins 
> What is the big deal? All other countries, except the U.S.A. considered
> Homosexuality is crime.  

Hang-on a minute, am I on the aging net?
What is dribble like this doing on what I thought was a Biological 
Science net, for Human Biologists, etc.
First, homosexuality in not a sin in many more countries than the USA, and 
I hope in the minds of most of the people who read this net.  And 
secondly, I thought there was an overwhelming belief in the 
Scientific community that homosexuality will eventually be proved to be 
genetically linked (probably through something on the the X chromosome!).  
What has the Bible got to do with molecular biology and genetics?  They 
are two VERY different subjects that both deserve respect, but should 
NEVER be linked together in a discussion (there are too many 
contradictions) especially around scientists who generally want some kind 
of physical proof.
All you homophobes should try reading the women in science net.  
Sexuality is discussed, but it is never classed "a sin".

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