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The Christian Bible never work because it is not from God.

In article <acarpent.762205258 at osprey>, acarpent at osprey.ess.harris.com
(Alan Carpenter) 
wrote (according to the christian Bible):

> 1.  Homosexuality is considered to be a sin in the Bible.  It is given
> as being no better or worse than other sexual sins 

What is the big deal? All other countries, except the U.S.A. considered
Homosexuality is crime. Most countries, except the U.S.A. considered other
sexual sins as crime. What do you try to prove, tough on "CRIME" (depend on
who is the judge)? Is it a "CRIME" to eat DOG meat, too? What Bible? Which
visions are you talking about? You don't have ONLY ONE book! You don't have
Bible!  Does God speak your language? Bible is not in english and Jesus is
> 2.  Sin in general drives a wedge between the sinner and God.
> Sexual sins, however, are called out for especially harse judgement

How harse your judgement can be? Both Russia and the old Soviet Union 
ban Homosexuality. Gays were jailed during Stalin time. Sexual criminals
were punished with death.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A lot of Christians believed that the earth is a living hell. The truth is
most non-Christians enjoy life more in this "living hell". How harse the 
judgement of Christians can be? Tell us how bad another "hell" is.
Most Christians wanted to live longer, right? They spent a  lot of money
to make themself heathy because they tried to avoid "heaven". 

> 3.  Shall we continue in sin, that grace [for the saved] may abound?
> That's the question Paul asks.  The clear answer is NO.

The fact is that everything is against your will now. 
Everything is against the Bible. You can not do anything. Nothing! Do you
get it!
Take you wound and forget about your religion!!!
> 4.Sin is not part of our nature as Christians (for
> those truly saved). 

Why more christians raped their won children in the Christian Nation? 
Why more christians went to topless bars in the Christian Nation?
Why the Christian Nation builded more topless bars than any other
non-christian nations?

> Paul himself told the church not to judge those outside of it, 
> only those who call themselves believers.

Sure, Paul know who is the true sinners! Beside, it depends on 
what kind of judgement you are talking about. The typical judgement
of the church is that "God forgvie you, you can sin again in the
very next day"

> [Christ Himself judged the religious leaders the harshest since
> they were the ones charged with upholding the truth!]

Are you sure about that? "Sinners" are usually happier than anyone else
in the Christian Nation. Religious leaders usually love to kiss
their ass.
> I am NOT anti-gay for the sake of the argument:  I am anti-sin,
> but not anti-sinner. 
> -- Alan

I am NOT anti-christian for the hell of debate: I am anti-christianity,
but not anti-christian.
 --- Believe it or not. It is only a joke!

Don't burn a cross in front of my house because I am NOT anti-christian.

> |  "CONCENSUS IS THE DEATH OF LEADERSHIP"   -- Lady Margaret Thatcher |
> |  acarpent at dw3f.ess.harris.com              MELBOURNE, FLORIDA 32902 |

Do you have any concensus at all? If you do, I would let you to choose 
between Soul and Life. What Lady Margaret Thatcher think about male

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