APOPTOSIS - Programmed cell death (Information needed)

Michael G Karras md93mgk at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 05:50:16 EST 1994

I'm coming back seeking information on apoptosis aka programmed cell death
After seeing this documentary on BBC television I had this very specific
query. It was said that cell death comes after stop of communication
between similar cells. It was also said that CED-9 gene is responsible
for this death. I'm not anexpert on the subject I'm an electronics
engineer that has just basic knowledge on life and bio subjects. 
My query was if that is true how it comes and the egg cell does not need
this communication when it's separated by the others. Is there any difference
when we talk about egg cells and other cells when apoptosis is concerned?
Please I need an answer. It has been troubling me for over than a month
and I would like to know more about it. I read a few technical documents
but I could not understand anything because it was "too" technical.
I would appreciate if anybody could forward this message to anybody who 
could give me an answer. I am desperate about it.
Thank you very much in advance

Michael Karras

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