How evolution works

Malcolm McMahon cuhes at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Fri Jun 24 04:34:05 EST 1994

In article <2ub0ki$h0q at nwfocus.wa.com>,
	venezia at zgi.com (Domenick Venezia) writes:
>I understand that goal oriented descriptive language is just a
>metaphor and I myself use such language all the time, but it 
>vaguely disturbs me nonetheless.  It is a common and relatively
>harmless habit to get into as long as we remember that evolution
>only looks goal oriented in hindsight.  Actually natural selection 
>is thrashing about blindly looking for what works - Hah!  There I 
>did it myself.  

Those wretched behaviourists have certainly created quite a climate of
"political correctness" haven't they where scientists are so embarrassed 
to talk about things like purpose? No, evolution does not "thrash about
blindly" while reason goes straight to the answer. Both search solution
spaces feeling for "warm" and "cold" paths.


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