Anti-ageing discoveries

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RATTAN at kemi.aau.dk wrote:
: Research on ageing is linked with a search for methods to prevent/delay/
: cure ageing and age-related diseases/symptoms/characterisitcs.The market
: for anti-ageing products is unsaturable. Perhaps that is why many of
: the senior ageing researchers are now either opening up their own
: companies or sitting on consultancy boards of other companies. 
: Apparently, there is a lot of money to be made!!!!!
: Recently, two new discoveries have been published claiming certain
: anti-ageing effects on human cells in culture. This week in the journal
: (of Holliday junction fame) has published senescence-retarding effects
: of a dipeptide beta-alanyl-L-histidine, called carnosine, on human
: fibroblasts. Maintenance of young morphology along with some other
: cellular and biochemcial characterisitcs is the main effect seen. There is
: a slight increase in cell proliferation too. Even senescence characteristics
: can be reversed. Of course, at this stage nothing is known about the
: mode of action of such a dipeptide in bringing about so big changes
: in cellular physiology, ageing and lifespan. 
: That was the first report. The other one is coming out or may be it is 
: already out, I have not seen it yet, in the latest issue of BBRC.
: This is about the famous Factor-X as anti-ageing miracle compound.
: I cant tell the name yet until I see the published journal. Already
: it has taken 8 years of companies-induced blockage on publication. I know
: all this because I am the author of this second paper. So, in a day or
: two I will tell you the detail of this other compound discovered by
: ..
: Now get ready with all those mechanistic questions. 

: Suresh Rattan
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: Department of Chemistry
: Aarhus University
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I am surprised that you have not reported animal studies in addition to 
the in vitro tests.  I suppose if these chemicals are so potent, dramatic 
results would be observed in some live animal models

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