Ageing humour

RATTAN at kemi.aau.dk RATTAN at kemi.aau.dk
Thu Jun 23 03:53:02 EST 1994

I think I must tell you about this conversation between my 8 year old son
and a daughter of my research colleague, that I overheard yesterday:

My son: Hey Lis, what does your father do?

Lis: He does experiments in a lab and tells why people become old. What does
     your father do, Ashu?

Ashu: It is something similar. But ACTUALLY, my father does what my mummy
	tells him to do......

(so much for my illsuion of being a gerontologist!!!!!!)

(what a freudin slip in spellings, it should be "illusion"....)

(even more mistake, error-feed back and catastrophe...)

Suresh Rattan/Aarhus/Denmark       rattan at kemi.aau.dk

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