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: Something to cheer me up while I am getting free-radicalized due to
: anxiety;

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: I hope no body minds a little humour on this channel.

: 1. Ageing (for men) is when you remember that you used to run after
: girls, but you do not remember - "what for?"

: 2. An elderly couple is sitting near each other at the dinner table. First
: the woman eats her food slowly and surely while the man gently fans away
: any flies or other nasty things. After she finishes eating, the man starts
: to eat his food, and now the woman fans and cleans while he enjoys the
: food. A social gerontologist watching them is highly impressed and says
: "I am so pleased to see both of you. You must be having great love and
: respect for each other."
: The old woman replies:
: "To hell with love and respect; we have only one set of dentures...."

: (So guys, now you know what it means to be elderly in these times
: of declining national health services......).

: I love to collect nice, clean jokes (sometimes even not so nice and 

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: unclean are also OK). So please contribute your stories once in
: a while to cheer up all of us who are otherwise bored to death
: looking for single base errors in gerontogenes or not so gerontogenes!!

: Suresh Rattan/Aarhus/Denmark   rattan at kemi.aau.dk

 Shakespeare had his line on this too!!!

"I am not so young as to dote on her for singing, nor so old as to dote
on her for anything"

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