Fri Jul 29 11:29:31 EST 1994

Does anyone know of any *real* research done on an FDA-approved
food-additive called Pycnogenol, supposedly a super antioxidant
whose primary active ingredient comes from certain cultivated
pine trees in France?  It is marketed in this country under a
KAIRE brand name and is being touted, rather aggressively, as
among other things an anti-aging potion 50 times more powerful
than other known antioxidants and a great facilitator of
vitamin C absorption.  It is supposed to have restorative
effects on skin, blood vessels, vision, etc.  The "research"
I've been handed is clearly company-supported.  The pills
themselves are rather expensive, and it is possible that
a lot of people are being taken advantage of in being
sold something suspiciously like a "panacea" (it's even
supposed to have anti-cancer properties).

Is this a known scam, and I'm simply not aware of it?

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