How to measure aging in vitro

Chris Driver drierac at deakin.edu.au
Tue Jul 26 11:48:34 EST 1994

I have seen a number of papers in which substances will alter the lifespan of 
cells in culture. One thing that appears to be a common feature in these 
reports is that repeat runs of apparently identical conditions are not 
particularly reproduceable. Robin Halliday in his paper comments on this and 
suggests that a clonal succession may occur, where old cell lines are 
dominated by clones arising from the odd cell that is rather less senescent 
than their sibling cells.

In theory it should be possible to detect senescent cells arising in cultures 
in about midpassage and quantify them. Has anyone any thoughts on this matter?

An alternative, but less useful approach may be to use markers for senescence 
in the total cell mass. Has anyone any suggestions for good markers?

Chris Driver

Chris Driver, Ph D
School of Biology and Chemistry, Rusden Campus
Deakin University
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