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                       Announcing HEALTHMGMT

    An Internet Discussion list for Health Care Management and

HEALTHMGMT is the Internet discussion forum for those interested in
the practice, research, and education of management in health care
and health service organizations.  Discussions on issues pertaining
to the management and administration of all health-related
organizations, including hospitals, health systems, HMOs, nursing
homes, health care networks, etc., and ebates about current issues
and events in health care and their impact on health care
organizations and research are all welcomed.  Management
practitioners, researchers, and educators interested in health care
issues are all encouraged to participate.  Enrollment is open to
anyone interested in these issues.  HEALTHMGMT is also the
electronic discussion list for the Health Care Administration
Division of the Academy of Management.

Potential uses of HEALTHMGMT include (but are not limited to):

 -- Requests for information, literature references, or help on
     any management-related health care issue (such as TQM,
     hospital organization design, nursing home administration, HMO
     pricing structures, etc).

 -- Discussions or debates on topics of interest to the members of
     the list (e.g. the impact of managed competition on health care
     organization, the tax-exempt status of hospitals, assessment
     of new technology in hospitals)

 -- Notices for professional meetings for management practitioners
     or academics.  If you come across a notice for an interesting
     professional meeting, please post some information about it.

 -- Postings for jobs.  Anyone aware of job openings (practitioner
     or academic) in the health care management area is encouraged
     to post this information.

 -- Calls for papers.  Any calls for papers are especially

 -- Book reviews:  Read a good health care book lately?  Share
     your opinions.

 -- Course design and syllabi: share your educational ideas with
     your colleagues.

 -- Archives: Every submission to HEALTHMGMT is automatically
     archived and made available for retrieval from the HEALTHMGMT
     listserver or the Management Archive gopher server.

HEALTHMGMT is an unmoderated discussion group: messages posted to
the list are automagically and immediately forwarded to all list
members.   Replying to any message posted on the list is perfectly
appropriate and generally encouraged.  We want to encourage
friendly public debates, discussions, and sharing of information.
Be aware that whatever you say may be broadcast to many people.

You must subscribe to post messages on HEALTHMGMT.  To subscribe to
the HEALTHMGMT mailinglist, simply send a message with the word
"subscribe" in the Subject: field to "HEALTHMGMT-
request at chimera.sph.umn.edu".  Once you are subscribed, you can
post messages to the HEALTHMGMT list by sending them to
HEALTHMGMT at chimera.sph.umn.edu.

If you prefer to receive a periodic summarized digest of messages
posted on HEALTHMGMT, rather than receive individual messages
directly, you may subscribe to HEALTHMGMT-D at chimera.sph.umn.edu
(using the same method as above).  Do not subscribe to both lists.

Welcome to this new electronic community for practitioners,
researchers and educators in health care management.  If you have
any questions, problems, or suggestions feel free to contact the
us.  HEALTHMGMT is operated by the Division of Health Management
and Policy, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota (also
home of the MANAGEMENT ARCHIVE).  List manager is Jim Goes
(goes at chimera.sph.umn.edu).

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