How do we age?

Mark Dalton mwd at walter.cray.com
Mon Sep 27 16:01:26 EST 1993

My understanding is that we already know of 2 mechanisms
1."finite proliferative potential" - limit number of cell divisions
	dependant on the cell type and the cells differentiation.
	The more differentiated the cell the less division.
2. The build up of lysosomes (or something regarding lysosomes).
	It has been to long.

Does anyone know more about this?  Has this idea changed?



Sydney Shall (bafa1 at uk.ac.sussex.central) wrote:
: I believe that Malcolm McMahon has clearly expressed the essential
: evolutionary rationale for the "Hayflick" limit, that is the finite
: proliferative capacity of most somatic cell types.  Primarily,
: it is a protection against cancer, because a cell which has been 
: transformed to morphological or metastatic malignancy, but still has
: a finite lifespan will in many circumstances not kill the host.

: Sydney SHALL

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