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"Cliff Pickover ", 914 945-3630 cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Sun Sep 5 07:15:39 EST 1993

You are hereby cordially invited to submit a manuscript for a volume

The Future of Computers in Medicine

edited by Clifford A. Pickover.  The book will include speculative,
informed essays on the future use of computers in surgery, diagnosis,
medical imaging, health care, epidemiology, artificial life, cancer and
other simulations, virtual reality, robotic surgery, education, and

All contributions will be refereed.  Highest chance of acceptance will
be given to papers with the highest quality of English writing,
illustrations, and content.

If you are interested, please send a tentative title, short abstract of
your proposed chapter, and your name and address (hardcopy and e-mail)
to cliff at watson.ibm.com.  Abstracts are due by September 20th.
Completed papers are due by January, 31 1994.

I am looking for self-contained, comprehensive papers focussing on novel
topics of a broader nature than is usually found in research papers.
The intended audiences are educated laypeople as well as technical

Please send a note to cliff at watson.ibm.com for submission guidelines.

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