Mon Oct 18 12:36:30 EST 1993

        I think that either nursing or social work would be good options for
you, depending on your interests.  There are many opportunities in both fields
for work with older adults.  Think about the work you currently do - do you
enjoy the medical aspects of caring for your patients, or would you rather
be talking to them about their problems and concerns?  With nursing you can
do both.
        I would suggest that whatever field you decide to enter, make sure
that you will be able to find work.  I have an MA in Applied Gerontology
with a minor in Counseling and a BS in psychology, yet many of the positions
that sound like exactly the work I would like to do require a BSW, MSW or RN.
This is information you may not get as an undergraduate - I know I didn't.
I am not working in the aging field because of this reason - there are
simply no jobs for people in my area without one of these degrees.
Psychology is probably not a good option unless you plan on obtaining at
LEAST a masters degree - check the requirements in your state.
        Hope this helps - feel free to contact me if you have additional

Wendy Rogers, MA
Mary Margaret Walther Program for Cancer Care Research
Methodist Hospital of Indiana
Indianapolis IN  46202-1261
(317) 929-8526  fax (317) 929-8541

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