Talking with AD patients

qut.edu.au EDWARDSH at QUT.EDU.AU
Mon Oct 18 19:05:00 EST 1993

          Great to hear of your work.  For a while here in Australia
          I have been trying to get people to acknowledge the other
          side of caregiver burden "carereceiver burden".  I believe
          that the carereceivers also have concerns, problems and
          issues that can be addressed through education and
          counselling.  I have started a clinic thru my university
          for education, support and counselling for older people
          (and their caregivers).  It's been hard to get it off the
          ground because the perception seems to be that the older
          people couldn't or wouldn't want to talk about their
          concerns - it's even hard for some people to acknowledge
          that the carereceivers might have some problems with being
          cared for!!  Another problem is that frequently the
          caregiver has to bring the older person to the clinic -
          another burden they don't want to deal with.  If you have
          encountered similar problems or can suggest ways to
          overcome them, I'd be interested.


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