Mon Oct 18 22:50:03 EST 1993


Yes I am a practitioner ... a dentsit (dentist).  You can see I'm
not a typist.

I am presently teaching anatomy to nursing students as well as doing
dentistry.  I see physically/mentally compromised patients inthier
homes/nursing homes.  I take the treatmemnt tp them since the cost
of taking them to an office is costly.

I had a lady fall in a nursing home and I was worried about a fracture
of the mandible.  I had to send her for a panoramic x-ray (I can't
transport one of those machines).  The x-ray cost her $35 ... the
ambulance trip to the office cost $350.

Plus in addition to taeching and dentsitry.  I'm writing (actually
its finished) a manual on how to do dental treatment without the
dentsit.  This is for nursing/family personnel.

I was asked to publish it with the comapny that I have mentioned
earlier ... the company which set the parts of the body to music
to make memorizing the parts easier.

I'm obviously a workaholic.

Plus I'm in the early stages of getting a research grant to study
something which I have noticed in nursing homes ....

That is that if you correect the gum infections in residents ...
their UTIs go away .... HHHhhhhhhh,mmmmmmmm  !!!!!?????

george g
ggraham at pstcc.cc.tn.us

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