residents & caregivers

Sat Oct 16 19:07:00 EST 1993

My husband's grandfather was hospitalized and then sent to a nursing home
following a medication error that left him unresponsive several years ago.
Family was faithful to visit at least 5-7 days a week during the 3-4 months
he was there.  We took him out for rides around the area he grew up in and
farmed many years.  He would just sit staring straight ahead on those rides.
He was fortunately to come out of it and he came home to live for 2 years
before he died.  One day, he said to us "You don't know what it meant to
have you take me out for all of those rides.  I couldn't thank you then but
I can now."  This experience I share with my students to show them that even
though someone may not react to your presence, it doesn't mean they are not
aware of it.  I hope they realize the importance of this.

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