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>I am considering entering the Geriatric field on some level and am wondering
>if people could offer information about their specific fields, specialties,
>interests, or any kind of advise.  Currently I am doing home health care on
>a part-time basis through a nursing agency, but I really want to make a
>move into a full-time career.  I am weighing the options of entering the
>field either through nursing or social work.  Any feedback would be
>greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
>Abare at smcvax.smcvt.edu

     I was glad to see your messages and also others.  I have been on this
listserve for a little while, but have not seen much action until now.

     I am a Medical, and also Geriatric, Librarian for the Nevada Geriatric
Education Center (NGEC) at the University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada.  My
specialties are geriatric information sources, computer literature
searching, and database development.  I provide information throughout
Nevada mostly to health professionals on any issue in the field of aging.  I
also have developed a speakers/experts database, an Audio-Visual Catalog, a
Directory (and database) of Sources for Seniors, and I am working on a
newsletter if I ever get it past all the people who approve it and keep
wanting to change it.  All of this is for the state of Nevada only.  But I
am a part of several Gerontology/Geriatric interest groups, one connected
with other Geriatric Education Centers throughout the United States, and one
connected with the Medical Librarians Association, and so there is slowly
some connecting going on between people in this field, which is exciting.

     In answer to your inquiry about education, this field is
interdisciplinary and you generally get a degree in some other field like
social work, psychology, nursing, medicine, etc., and then add this to it
as a minor or get a certificate.  It will help in obtaining a job if you
have this education and others don't.  Let me know if there is anything else
that I can help with.

Vinta Dobrenen, M.L.S.
vinta at unr.edu
(702) 784-1805

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