Fri Oct 15 22:27:00 EST 1993

Yes--I am also interested in these topic areas.  I am an RN who is currently
working in the longterm setting.  I am pursuing a BS in Community & Human
Services with concentrations in Counseling and Psycho-physiology.  I have a
keen interest in chronic pain and pain in many forms ie physical, emotional &
psychosocial.  I also lost my stepfather on October 2nd.  He was 80 years old
and suffered alzheimers type dementia however just before he died, he was seen
by a neurologist who mentioned Credsfeld Jacobs disease (spelling may be wrong).
I am not familiar with this disease however his symptoms I now understand were
very similar to ones associated with this disease.  His symptoms progressed
very fast--over 2-3 years.
I tend to analyze things along the lines of Erikson's developmental theory &
Family systems theorists however, I recognize the value of other theorists as

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