Need help finding a drug.

Bob Greschke bgreschk at Mr-Hyde.aoc.nrao.edu
Thu Dec 30 14:24:38 EST 1993


My dad is in his late 70's and has a bad heart.  He spent most of '92
and most of the first part of '93 in the hospital.  Since his heart
doesn't pump very well he had a lot of trouble with with fluids
building up.  About mid '93 the doctors found that he responded very
well to a drug called Manoplax.  In fact he's almost back to running
circles around me when I go to visit! As luck would have it the
doctors came across this drug just in time for the FDA to pull it off
the market because it was found to kill laboratory rats when cases of
it were dropped on them (or something like that :-).  I don't know the
specifics of the ban, but he's had no side effects.  We've tried to
get the drug from friends in Canada and Mexico, but they either
haven't heard of it there, or they no longer have it.  My brother
living in the Philippines even tried to find it over there, but
couldn't.  My dad has enough pills left to last into February. 

1.  Is it possible to get some special FDA approval so he can get the
drug? I mean if taking 1000 pills a day is going to cause him to get
cancer (or whatever it causes) 30 or so years down the road it's not
much of a concern.

2.  Can we get this drug from somewhere in Europe?  The pills he has
were produced in a factory in Illinois, but I believe the drug was
developed by Boots Pharmaceutical in Nottingham, England.  If someone
in jolly ol' England could find a mail or e-mail address for them that
might be a big help.

3.  Does anyone out there have any of these pills left over? Just
thought I'd ask :-). 

Sorry about posting to the diverse group of groups, but I couldn't
find a group at our site that really fit the bill. Is there one? If
there is please feel free to post this there. The post to misc.legal
begs the question: is importing something like this legal? -- not that
I REALLY care :-). I just don't want anyone else to get into any

Any help would be appreciated. 
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