Gene expression & aging

malyankar at mbcl.rutgers.edu malyankar at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Thu Dec 16 19:47:15 EST 1993

This is just a comment on an earlier post about longevity in C.elegans
As far as I remember, Pereira-Smith in Baylor had described some complementation
groups for immortalization in mammalian cells. Maybe, this is one of the genes 
that belong to one of the groups?
Another topic is the immortalization of mouse fibroblasts. I am currently
working on the post-transcriptional control of a gene expressed in mouse 
3T3 cells but not in primary mouse embryo fibroblasts. Does anyone out there in 
netland have a gene that behaves in the same way? Transcriptional/Translational
control mechanisms in ageing cells are IMHO sorely neglected. Someone tell me 
I'm wrong!

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