National health care [was Re: Medical technology and cryonics]

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Thu Jun 4 14:21:44 EST 1992

bradbury at sftwks.UUCP (Robert Bradbury) writes:

>To enlarge the audience to non-scientists I am cross posting this in the
>hope that people with other perspectives will contribute.   Please delete
>the first two newsgroups if the discussion strays too far from ageing and
>its costs.

This is a very interesting discussion in many respects, but I want to
remind everyone that the purpose of bionet.molbio.ageing is for

discussion of scientific research on ageing.  At the GenBank
BIOSCI/bionet e-mail distribution node we are starting to see many
former subscribers terminating their e-mail subscriptions to this
newsgroup after this discussion started branching out into policy

While these are extremely important national issues which also concern
me personally (thus I am somewhat hesistant in saying anything here),
let's please not drift too far from the *research* purpose of this
newsgroup.  This is *not* a forum for non-scientists to discuss the
implications of health care policy, so I must take issue when I see
comments and crosspostings such as the above which try to draw them
into such a discussion.  There are other USENET forums in the
talk.politics domain which can be used for non-research discussions.


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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