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Mon Jun 8 12:19:19 EST 1992

rbradbur at hardy.u.washington.edu (Robert Bradbury) writes:

>In article <Jun. at genbank.bio.net> kristoff at genbank.bio.net (David Kristofferson) writes:
>>This is a very interesting discussion in many respects, but I want to
>>remind everyone that the purpose of bionet.molbio.ageing is for
>>                                           ^^^^^^
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>>discussion of scientific research on ageing.

>Ok, my hands are slapped.  Please remove national health care from
>bionet.molbio.ageing discussions and I'll start a thread in sci.bio/sci.med
>about the best place to discuss it.

No slapping intended, just a gentle reminder.

>One of the things I want to start discussing is whether there is a FAQ for
>ageing?  If not can we start one?

This newsgroup was started a long time ago under the leadership of a
scientist named Sydney Shall who wanted to develop it as a forum for
the National Institute of Aging which is part of NIH.  Unfortunately
Sydney seems to have disappeared, NIA has never taken an active
involvement in the newsgroup, and it went into the doldrums until
recently when it began to wander from its original purpose.

If there is another scientist who specializes in ageing research who
would like to assume the role of discussion leader on this newsgroup,
please contact me (or is Sydney still reading this??).

On the other hand, if the readership wants to revise the charter for
this newsgroup, someone might want to write up a new one and we can
put it out for a vote.

Note, however, that maintenance of BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups are funded
by NIH for the purpose of research discussions and we can not deviate
too far from that purpose.  Discussion of cryobiology can fit within
this bill as long as it remains research oriented.  If it starts
veering off into casual inquiries from non-biologists such as "where
can I go to get myself preserved?" then I would suggest that sci.bio is
a more suitable forum for the discussion.  sci.bio is more of a
popular science forum where the public and scientists can interact.
The BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups are intended primarily for discussions
between research scientists.


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