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Mon Jun 8 17:55:09 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun5.005245.19004 at yang.earlham.edu> allens at yang.earlham.edu (Allen Smith) writes:
>	The system that I advocate consists of governmentally coerced 
>(taxed) funds going only to support health care for those who are: 1. 
>poor enough that they wouldn't survive otherwise; and 2. have a health 
>problem that isn't their own fault. In other words, it wouldn't pay for 

No pregnancy care except in proven cases of rape, where immediate 
abortion would be the only option. 

I notice you rephrased this in terms of "fault" rather than "resulting
from a conscious choice".  The other formulation was much more fun, 
since anyone resulting from a voluntary pregnancy would receive no
medical care.

For "fault", do you give primacy to nature or nurture?  Are my genes
my fault?  Is my environment and upbringing my fault?  How would a
doctor know whether those contributed to my problem if I suddenly had
a heart attack or fell off a rock?

If the complete cause were not obvious, wouldn't lying help?  Do you
want preferential treatment for liars?  You still have no specified 
what to do with those treated by mistake - do we kill them?

Do you really want medical insurance to be like auto insurance (in most
states)?  Are you a lawyer?

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