Who reads this newsgroup?

Maarten Landzaat qb7g6 at fel.tno.nl
Thu Jul 16 02:55:38 EST 1992

I have a friend working at the Dutch TNO IVEG. When I told her about
bionet.molbio.ageing, she said she never heard of it. She told me 
nearly all communication is done by plain mail and phone. She was
very interested in the newsgroup and would consider getting access to the

I have a few questions:

Who reads/uses this newsgroup?

Who started this newsgroup?

Why is number of postings so low? (I'm quite new to news, so maybe it's just
my site).

Is bionet in news not a regular newsgroup, but a mirror of some other network?

I'd appreciate any reaction.

Thank you for your reading.

Maarten J. Landzaat (analyst/programmer, bass player, Atari/midi freak)
BSO/Aerospace & Systems			Mail: Spuistraat 97
Email: maarten.landzaat at fel.tno.nl	      1012 SV  Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 6266098			      The Netherlands

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