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Wed Apr 4 04:41:24 EST 1990

Mike Norris
Duty Adviser, UCD Computing Services.

"We hear only the questions to which we are capable of finding
   an answer."      (F. Nietzsche)

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  Full Name: Lottie Diane Foster       Title: Systems Operator
  User at node: dfoster at ua1vm

  Establishment: The University of Alabama
  Department: Seebeck Computer Center

  Can Advise on:

  Area of interest: Gerontology/Geriatrics/Adult-Day Day Care.
          Principles of development for ADC's and residential care
          facilities. Employment strategies for hiring in ADC environment.
          Psychological, physiological, social techniques for improving
          self-esteem in relation to physical and mental health.
          Functions, problems, projections for omnibudsman.

  Projects: I am a systems operator for the University of Alabama
            attending classes majoring in Health Care Administration.
            There is no undergradute program here for gerontology.
            My course work is in the social sciences, social work,
            and business.

  Comments: My short-term goal is to work in an administrative
            capacity dealing with ADC's. Long-term goals are any
            realistic programs of self-help or otherwise that will
            improve the situation of the elder, and their families
            as well as care-takers/givers.  Will welcome
            any information that is relative to someone trying to
            learn about the field.

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